Burglar Protection

Home Protection

Federal Alarms, Inc. uses only the best security equipment on the market. Honeywell, a well-respected name in the home security industry, is our brand of choice.

Once the Central Monitoring Station (CMS) verifies that an intrusion is taking place, the proper authorities are notified of the situation. The Emergency Response Team will continue to listen over the intercom system to what's going on in the house to better inform the authorities of the specifics of the situation so that they are better prepared for the situation to which they will be facing. You will also be able to give names of neighbors, family, friends, or anyone else you would like notified in the event of an intrusion. We suggest giving names of neighbors who could watch your house and give descriptions of a vehicle or of the perpetrator.

Your alarm system also includes a very handy "hostage situation" mode known as the Silent Duress. In the event that you are taken hostage in your own home, steps can be taken in order to notify the CMS that you have been taken hostage. The authorities will be dispatched immediately. Be sure to ask your installer for further details.