Two-Way Voice Monitoring

Our customers are monitored by Monitronics, a UL listed Central Monitoring Station (CMS), which boasts the fastest response time in the industry. Two-Way Monitoring works when the alarm system is triggered and signals are sent by making an outbound call through the panel to the CMS. The Emergency Response Team will respond through the built-in intercom system in the control panel to verify that an actual emergency is taking place. By giving a pre-determined password, the monitoring station will shut off the system - avoiding a false alarm. If it is an actual robbery and the perpetrator cannot give the correct password, the police are notified for dispatch.

Monitoring your home

Cellular primary and backup units have just recently been introduced into the market and can be purchased through your Promotional Representative. The advantage of adding a Cellular unit to your system is that you do not need a home landline to communicate with the CMS—it is done via a cellular network. This technology can also be used as a backup to your system that is connected through the phone line. This is useful because if your home phone fails, the alarm system will still be able to "call out" to the CMS.

Digital Monitoring is different than Two-Way Voice Monitoring in that it is done without the use of the intercom system. Emergencies are verified via a phone call made from the CMS when the alarm is triggered.