Fire Protection & Medical Emergency

Fire Protection

You can purchase smoke detectors that can be integrated into your burglar alarm system from your Promotional Representative. They are a "monitored zone" just like a door or window sensor, and will notify the CMS when set off. The Emergency Response Team will verify over the intercom system if assistance is needed, and will dispatch accordingly. If there is no response from someone inside the home, the fire department will be contacted immediately.

Medical Emergency

Emergency Vehicle

The great advantage you have with a monitored security system is that you have a trained medical staff at your disposal. The Emergency Response Team will transfer you to Dispatch where they can help you with a number of medical emergency situations and procedures. They can walk you through CPR or help you know what to do if someone swallows poison and many other potentially dangerous situations. Perhaps the most useful part of this feature is that all instructions are given over the intercom system, so you don't have to be near a phone or try to pin a handset against your shoulder in order to communicate. Medical Pendants are available as an upgrade, and can be purchased through your Promotional Representative.